Help with projection sketch on a construction plane

Hi All
I did a draw made by 25 sketches on xy plane
I would the same draw done by the same sketches on a different construction plane (parallel to the XY)
So I did a projection of the original drawing to the 2nd construction plane…
… but I got a draw made by 62 sketches. I mean, most of the sketches has been projected 3 times on the same place.
Do Anyone know what’s wrong?

Thank you

I got exactly same number of sketch on the project plane. Perhaps u did something wrong…just try again…carefully

You can also use the Move/Rotate tool to create a copy of your sketches.

  1. Select all your sketches (You can do it one-by-one, area select OR selecting the plane from Items)
  2. Make sure that Move/Rotate is the active tool
  3. Turn on copy
  4. Use the UP arrow to move a copy of your sketches out of your plane.
  5. A new plane has been created in Items


Thank you guys
Trying (more times) using the same sketch to project, it happens the same.
So I have done all about the project from the beginning, redrawing even the “source” sketch and it works fine …
Honestly I do not know why, but that’s ok.

Thank you
Have nice drawings :slight_smile:

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