Copy objects between projects

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - make it possible to cut’n paste between projects :raised_hands:t2::nerd_face:

It really is neccessary being able to copy a piece of design/object in a project and paste it into another. I also wish I could scale parts in all axes and not only in general. I’m working on pretty complex/large designs…and hopefully the app will cope and progress for bigger files in the future.

Hoping santa will bring these options for christmas​:innocent::santa:t3:

Otherwice it’s an awesome tool - thanks!!



Hello Erika,

thanks for the comments - both features that are on our mind. Not sure when they will come out, but these are something we will eventually have :slight_smile:
If you wouldn’t mind, can you please send me ( the body you want to use with a non-uniform scale. Would love to understand the use case

I for one believe that copying moving objects/components between projects should be very very high on your short list. Not being able to do that simple, time saving thing is proving very frustrating for the work flow.

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Hello :slight_smile:

It could be any body/shape - but also to select multiple bodys to stretch em all to any direction. Like I’d like to use it for shaping as well - so you do not need to deselect all cornershapes and back to square and build a shape back up to stretch it a little.

Some bodys do not need to have totally circular or 90 degree corners - so it doesn’t matter if thhey got stretched in one direction. But surly any kind of scaling/stretching will help in some way.

Here’s a radar mast under construction - as an example I could like to stretch/scale the upper «wings» backwards so they got more angeled and play with the shapes more thann with goin in and redo all angles/surfaces and try again.

I very often comes into issues where I can’t delete corner curves or similar - and «won’t heal» - I’m no expert in this program - but really home I could use it for complex drawings inn the future - cause its so easy and userfriendly in operation.


Erika :slight_smile:


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