Copying assets between projects

Hi, I am a jewellery designer and a lot of my designs share common assets. Is there a way to copy the sketches or shapes between projects without exporting to Dropbox?
So far I have been working on numerous items in the same project, and I think the performance of the app suffers because if this.


Not unfortunately AFAIK, and it’s a pity for you and I !!! but you can duplicate a project as a whole and use the parts you need for another project (del parts you don’t want). It’s more than nothing after all!!!

That’s a bummer. But thanks for the copying projects tip! Hopefully the lasso select tool will come out soon to make it quicker to clean up a detailed workspace. Cheers


+1 here for Copy items across designs

Same for me. +1

I would design all parts that are used in all projects in one project file. And use that as a templete file. Then I would just make a copy of that Project, add the additional items to make the new design and so forth.
Coping an individual object from one project to another, such as a copy 'N past function would be nice.


Duplicate the Design containing the component that you need to use often see:

Then as @hamedtopic says above delete the objects not required.
Every Design needs a home [read workspace] it really is simple and efficient, the hard bit follows.
If you are going to create a lot of Designs of any kind, I certainly do, it is paramount that a good Filing System is set up using the iPad Files App, it is rather more tedious than Finder or Explorer but it works.
Little point in working hard on Designs and not being able to find them when needed. Done properly good filing practice will enable the required Design to be efficiently Imported in the the current Project.

Organising Designs so that lots of Bodies that are related are placed in Folder(s) makes bulk Selecting, Hiding, Unhiding and Deleting very easy.

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Coping objects between projects would be nice. I word like a slide over menu of some kind that I can pick from a parts bin. So when I create a universal part I can add it to the parts bin. Something like the app that have standard default shapes that the user can select from. This menu parts bin would be universal between apps. Meaning that I could access the parts bin from any project. That would be way cool.
In the mean time… I would like to have a lasso tool. Until then you could use the Layer tool/function and create different folders. Then Put all related part in a particular folder. I thought that this would allow one to click on the folder to select all parts. As I write this message I see that this method will only allow you to hide and unhide said objects. Not select them.

I did some playing with MIT App Inventor. They have a “Backpack” feature you can drop code blocks into and use in any other project. Nice feature for productivity.

I’d like to see a “parts bin” similar to that. Drop a nut or bolt in, 20 of them. A sub assembly, whatever.

I have one project where I am creating several replaceable snap in modules. possibly as as many as 50 or a 100 items… that would come in very handy.

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@Johngerard, if you put your design elements in folders and you tap on the name of the folder in the Items List, it will be highlighted in blue and every item in the folder gets selected

oh, the collection of some often used parts sounds interesting