Copy objects is a mess right now

So copying a folder no longer works, everything copies inside the folder. You used to be able to click on a folder in the side panel and then copying would create a separate folder. I’m having to create a separate folder and then drag the copies out.

Copying objects that are imported (red writing on them and don’t know why as there’s no warnings?) simply creates separate empty folders for some reason.

You used to be able to copy and drag and drag again to create more copies but that’s no longer a thing.

I guess this is a bug report unless it’s supposed to be this counter-intuitive?


Hello Shaun,

On the red folder subject, I had to undo several times to get back the original color. Did redo to see what was the issue, (going to red again and then back to original). Seems I had placed a chamfer in the wrong way. Corrected the issue and the red folder went to original.
Did not see a warning “flag” in the history “tree”.
Seems I need to be more aware of the folder color changes as they occur, (left and right sides).

On this occasion those imported folders are actually step files so there’s no history. I can only guess there’s a problems somewhere but it’s the same with my own x_t files that I’m importing too.

Ran into this last night. Hopefully it’s just a bug since it does create a new “copy” folder even thought it’s empty