Copy/rotate faces only copies/rotates last group

This feels like a bug, but I’m not sure if I’m missing some important step. Look at the attached screen shot, I’ve created a small notch which I’m trying to copy/rotate around the center of the disk. I area select all the faces and rotate/copy, but only the latest created copy is … copied/rotated. In the screen shot, I want to copy the whole group and rotate 25 degrees, but it’s clear that only one group is copied. However, the other groups remain selected after the operation (but are never copied or rotated during the operation). Thanks for any help!

You need to select the entire group, then rotate. Once you done, say 10, it will repeat the duplication of 10. Once you have 20, you can select 20, then move and rotate that 20.

Please explain what you mean by “the entire group”. I’m only interested in copying the selected faces and rotating them. This works fine for one selection group at a time, but not for several. There is no error, it’s just that only the last created group is copied/rotated, not all of the selected groups. It doesn’t feel like expected behavior.

I later worked around this issue by creating a separate body and performing a union instead of selecting a group of faces, but I still think they should be equally functional.