Duplicate a design

I have designed a fairly complex shape (e.g airplane engine) with hundreds of sketches, groups, etc and now I need to duplicate it to the other side. Given the complexity, I just don’t see a way to select all the components to be able to use mirror or transport copy. How can I select all the objects? There are like five interior levels to get to the core and all need to be copied. Please advise


After you select mirror, you can choose between bodies or groups you have in your project, see vid below:

Hope that helps


Thanks! Will try


Thanks for the tip. So I have two complications: first, I have around forty groups so wondering if there is a way to merge or select multiple.

Second, some of the groups or selections are not symmetrical (for example the panel is in right side) so when I mirror I think it changes the direction of panel

. It works if either change the axis to up/down but I don’t have a way to bring all these back up , or, if I could merge all but I can’t seem to find a way. If you could please shine some light would be greatly appreciate.

You’re certainly welcome buddy

Actually I can guide you through the process but I prefer the official app developer team come here (as they visit on a daily basis) and tell you the more fundamental straightforward solution. Also, I recommend you to see the tutorials, they contain many of your answers.



the Add to Group feature currently only allows the addition of bodies, not groups - this makes it a bit harder to join multiple groups - but it is a great idea, and will add this to our backlog.

As for your second question I’m not sure I understand - would you be able to provide some visuals?

Hello. Thanks for your quick reply. Yes a super simplified example is below where I have only two square objects to mirror/duplicate. If I use the mirror option, it uses the axis to mirror so the sides reverse.

What I ultimately am trying to accomplish is shown on second screenshot, except the actual design has 40+ groups and hundreds of more objects so I can’t use transport tool either.

image image

Lasso tool (selection) is in the making for these cases.

I see what you mean, so you actually don’t need a mirror tool, you need an array tool to duplicate linearly which is being made by the developers as they said, here is the link:

Unless you’re talking about a new Lasso tool, obviously the existing one doesn’t seem to select hundreds of separate objects at once.

I see. Well, great. But is there a beta or a workaround in the meantime ? I can’t even use the transport tool because it keeps doubling the objects (2 , 4 , 8 …) So if I want three of the design side by side , which I do, I can’t use it.

Unfortunately there is not a beta version of this tool either and it’s a bitter taste but you can use the transport (copy) tool why it’s doubled?! You’re not right

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Yes, we don’t have one yet - but there is one in the making, no ETA yet.