Selecting multiple Faces at once

Hello everyone,

screenshot pretty much shows what i am trying to do: selecting the same face (on the same plane) on multiple objects that are grouped together.

I’ve tried to select one single face, then press “A” to get into the sketch view where my camera is perfectly aligned with the the plane that i am trying to select, used the mouse drag area selection and tabbed to faces only selection but that only gave me a selection of all of the faces of all of the bodies (not just the front blue ones from the screenshot).

Is there any way to select multiple faces (the blue ones in the screenshot) of multiple bodies at once without having to select them one by one (which, given their small size, becomes really tideous really fast and totally slows down workflow)?

Thank you all in advance!!

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Try to view your objects in such a way that you can isolate/select only the parts that are fully enclosed. Then mouse drag to select while pressing F (for faces) before releasing the mouse button.


This is exactly what i’ve been looking for. Thank you!!

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