Copying Objects (bodies)

Rather than resurrect an old thread, I am going to ask this question again

I am trying to take a leg design from one project and move it to another. Both projects already exist, and both have a lot of work on them. I just want to move the leg design over without having to redraw it. What is the best way to do this?

Have the body or bodies you want to transfer visible in the workspace. Meaning, hide all other bodies in the project. Then Export the 3D body and it’s best to use the X_T (Parasolid) format. Export to Files, either on the iPad or to iCloud. Or, as I do, I Airdrop to my iMac.

Go to your receiving project and Import accordingly.

And make sure the option for “Export hidden objects” is NOT checked.

I’m on the standard plan, so exporting as X_T is not available to me, So I used one of the other options. Thanks for the tip.