Using Body in multiple designs

I use the same body in multiple designs. Can I copy or export just the body I need to use in another Design?

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Hit the Design Thumbnails Icon, [4 Rectangles] top left of Screen

Tap and Hold the Design containing the Body

A set of Options will appear near top right of Screen

Choose Duplicate

In the Duplicate just delete anything you do not want to keep.
Sketches are often handy and you can hide what you do not need to see,

Name/Rename your Designs

Export the Body Design to Files so that you can Import it into any new Design.

If you need more help just shout.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Would love to see an option to export selected items from one design directly into another without having to go through all those extra steps.

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I had the same problem. That’s when I figured out the power of the .X_T file format. Select the parts you want to move into another design, export them as .X_T and make sure to not select include hidden objects. Then you can import the .X_T file into the second design and the objects keep all of their Shapr3D attributes as opposed to being a mesh object such as a .STL file. This is perhaps my favorite discovery working with large files and dozens of objects in each. Give it a whirl and let me know if you want more detailed instructions.
Happy modeling.