Copy and paste to antoher design

I have been trying to copy and paste one specific sketch or body from one design to another. But I cannot find a easier way other than copy the whole file and delete the unneeded file. It seems very complicated and I believe there should be a better way to do it.

It may not be as sexy, but it works. You move the object using copy and then you move it back again and then you have your copy.

Oh, sorry, you want to copy the object into another design. Yes, I can’t give you an answer to that either, sorry.

You could clean the scene and leave the sketches you want to share > export to shapr format > then in your new design > import and pick the one you exported. Should bring it all in.

Reason I say clean the scene is because shapr doesn’t do export selected, everything will get exported and saved out.

That is as far as I know the I only way. Best of luck :slight_smile:

A “Parts Bin” would be nice. Put a solid part in there or a sketch to transport to another design, open the parts bin and drop it in.


A parts bin would be great. With the parts having a file type that would be shareable. Users could share common parts, hardware, etc

Hi @realdrogo that will be nice to have and we would share your feedback with our product team.
At the moment a workaround can be to

  • Hide other parts through the Items window as described in the article below leaving only the part(object) to be exported visible on the workspace

  • Export the workspace in X_T format

  • Only the visible object will be exported and then you can re-import the workspace(object) into the new workspace:

One of my project consists of 6 main bodies repeated a number of times that kind of snap together. 4 of those bodies are to have many different configurations/versions. To tame this project I want to split 4 of the bodies into separate projects/drawings. Opening an older project and transporting one or more little parts to a “Parts Bin”, then opening another existing project and grabbing the part(s) and dropping it in? Stellar and time saving! Back to work quickly making more things!!! Woohoo!
Look at MIT App Inventor’s “Backpack”.

It could be a “folder” that automagically shows up in the folder viewer of every project new or old.

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Thanks, ill give that a try.

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