Correct license and export direction

Extremely new to this, so if this has been asked please feel free to point me in the right direction. I used the free version to create a strip built style kayak. I would like to be able to make a full size 2D print of the forms. I think I will need to copy the forms from their various positions in the lofted body to make a 2D square of the forms next to each other in the same 2D plane in say a series of 30x48 inch squares. If I am wrong about that please also let me know. I would like to only export the separated forms from all the other sketches/bodies of the design. Please let me know if there is a best way to go about this, and what license do I need to be able to export that to pdf or png that is dimensionally correct/true to size?

Hi @Kayak, if you are looking for the cross-sections of the lofted body, it can be easily achieved by - literally - cutting the body into sections. After a bit of alignment and projection, the sketches can be exported as DXF or DWG for a cutting pattern.
Please take a look at the video below. Rotating and orienting everything to the X-Y plane is an additional step but it is necessary to make the exported curves consumable for any 2D software :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the reply. I may have been a bit dense in how I went about it. The local printing shop sheet size max is 30x48 so I made a series of 30x48 rectangles and moved and fidgeted with the forms to fit. Should I be using a different tool to make the pdf or png exports from dwg/dxf files or is there a way to pick one of my rectangles to export with a sheet size that matches the 30x48 so I end up with printed sheets that are 1:1. I intend to use the paper as a template to cut wood. Alas not cnc…

Oh, I see. Sketches cannot be exported as a PDF currently, but if you get the sections by projection and extrude them straight just to get a thin solid body, the Drawing tool will be able to produce a PDF of them. In the Drawing tool the standard ANSI sheets are supported from A to E, please take care to make the sections fit these sizes.