Add dimension

If I draw a simple floor plan I like to add some dimension to it and export them to an pdf for example. Is this possible?



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Please see:

Note that these are Direct ScreenShots and not Exported ScreenSots available via S3D Export.

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Hi @Scanner2GO, you can export your sketches to DXF and DWG with dimensions. Those dimensions that are locked will be displayed in the DWG/DXF file.

Thank you for the feedback. For many of our clients it woul dbe very helpful to have an additional pdf export function to print our their sketch.


Hi, we hope to support this feature soonest, at the moment there is no set date.
For now, you could also try to:

  • Lock in the sketch dimensions to make them visible
  • Make a screenshot of the workspace with the sketch and it’s visible dimensions
  • Then use a free PNG -PDF converter online to convert the saved PNG screenshots to PDF

I have my Design, complete with dimensions, ready to Export:

Seemingly to Export the only option is to to hit Close [at the top of the side Menu] when this is done Export becomes available but the Dimensions have disappeared:

Please tell me what I am doing incorrectly.

I find that S3D is, regarding this aspect rather unintuitive, in that the last imaged posted above does include the dimensions when Exported. However the outcome is far from satisfactory.
Although I have selection of, DXF capable, Software the File exported only opens successfully in one inexpensive App.

For the benefit of the wider Community can you inform regarding Software that will satisfactorily accept this input.