Is it possible to print 2D?

Hi, just started using this app which so far looks great. However I haven’t found any possibility to print my drawing on a regular printer and paper. I’d like to do this to check the size and shape of what I’m making before I eventually 3D print.

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Currently you can’t export to a pdf or anything like that in 2D.

But we will add 2D export features in the future. It’s on the roadmap.

What you can do now is to take screenshots of your models / workspaces and print those.


Is there an ETA on this?

I’ll be cancelling before my free trial is up. No point if I can’t print.

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You can export to any CAD system and create the drawings there.

Is the 2D printing feature already existing?
Could you please advise any option how to save scaled image 1:1 which is out of the iPads screen size?

Hi Ivan,

You can export your sketches to DWG/DXF.

How do i get the grid out of my way

I cannot find where to ask questions