Creakily cloud integration

Hey everyone… I am new to the 3-D printing community. I love Shapr3D!
I am having some difficulty figuring out how to take my shapr3D designs and get them to Cura correctly. Does anyone understand how creakily cloud integration works from an iPad with shapr3D to a laptop with Keira. I I am struggling with the plug-ins to Cura?

I simply export an STL file, and save it to iCloud, or email it to myself, then open it in Cura on the PC I have connected to my Ultimaker. Works great!

I have a voron 2.4 … shapr3d has a cloud based transfer system I’m trying to get set up… I can do the email way it isn’t as efficient ;). Also I am using nylonx I downloaded the plugin but I don’t know how to get cura to recognize it.

And Thankyou for your response!

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