Shapr3d on my new ipad?

Hi, i got my new ipad mini 5 today, and i restored my backup fra icloud and got shapr3d in, but how do i log in to get back my drawings etc on my new unit?

Hi - can you send them one-by-one from your old iPad?

well, on the new ipad it asks me to make a new subscription, but i already has a subscription…
i guess i have to log in somewhere to verify that i have an subscription? but i cannot find out where.
I have the same spple ID on the new ipad.

Please sign in with your Shapr3D account as well. See pic belowLogin%3ASignup

Thanks, i am now logged in on my new ipad :slight_smile:

Is it possible to transfer my designs also? send through airplay? is that possible?

Airdrop is supported yes - but there is no automated flow for between iPad mass exports.

Hi, how is your experience with the ipad mini and shapr3d. Thinking about to go for the ultimate portable experience.

best, stefan

@GaborK and @Kapor_Shapr3D has used the iPad mini within the company. Maybe they can help.

There shouldn’t be a problem

Hi Daniel,

thx for the information. Will get in touch with the guys.

Best, Stefan

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Hi @superevilme Sorry for late reply. I didn’t do any professional benchmarks but from my subjective experience the iPad Mini 5 even outperformed the iPad Pro 1 in some occasions, but was at least as fast as it with Shapr3D.

The bigger screen of the iPad Pro is very handy though if you do lot of sketching and modelling I would recommend at least 10.5".