Create from a drawing

I come for the BOBCAD world. I am used to entering coordinates for things, like bolt holes that need to be at an exact location on a part. I usually draw from an existing drawing and then produce code for the CNC machine. Can somebody tell me how to know where in the X/Y/Z I am placing geometry? Example: A bolt hole needs to be a Z0 X1.435 Y-2.345 with the part origin center being XYZ 0.

I would really like to be able to select a piece of geometry and verify the coordinates.

Several questions here, but here is another one. How do you create a bolt hole pattern? Say a 15 hole grid or a circular pattern equally spaced.


Hey @martinfab,

In Shapr3D you don’t work with absolute coordinates, but position your geometry using sketch constraints and snapping. In this case for example you model your part in the origin, then on the XY plane you create the sketch and use dimensional constraints to position it to X1.435 Y-2345.

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Hi Bryan, you can create an equally spaced circular pattern using the Transform Move/Rotate feature a shown in this short screen recording:

Currently, the app does not support positioning items using coordinates. You can position Items using the Move/Rotate feature and the Translate feature and they allow inputting a displacement dimension from the Numpad. Here’s a short video on the translate feature:

Thanks! I will explore those options.