Creating a 3D Model from a imported picture?

Hey guys,
I have got a question. Can i import a picture and create a 3D model using this Programm ?

hello, it’s very simple, look at the first image

choose photo, scale at will and start with sketches

first sketches, you have to think about how to make the shape with the help of the X, Y, Z planes.

This project that I show you here are the first sketches of this rifle from the Spanish Civil War, the first thing is to think how to get to the 3D model using the different planes, the first thing I have drawn is the outline of the entire weapon with its parts, to get to the shape of the rifle, butt and cunt that are oval shapes, look at this image that I show you, the blue ellipses would be the sketch that I have to make and then join by means of extrusion all those circles to obtain the desired shape.

That would be the most optimal way in my opinion

and for the rest it is to go testing and testing! and above all ask here in the forum that surely there is someone who knows how to solve your question.

best regards