Creating a cube with 2 cut off corners


I m just all fresh starting to use Shapr3D & would like to creat a cube with two cut off corners. I managed to creat the cube but did not come further on cutting off the corners & would be happy about any advise how to procede.
Thank u for any input!

Hey, thank u for the fast reply! But actually i m trying to understand how to cut off two corners of the cube, that means i would like to cut a geometrical form like a small pyramid of the corner of the cube, so there remains just a flat surface as another side of the geometrical form. How can i do that?

Attached i m sending a picture to explain what i mean.
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With the current version of the app (v 2.2.3) it’s a little tricky to do this.

In the new version (v 3.0, scheduled to be released in June 2017) it will literally take 10 seconds to do it. Maybe 5 if you are fast. :smiley: I will send you a video on it how to do it.

Here are the steps currently (v 2.2.3):

  • create the original cube
  • draw triangles on the sides at the corner
  • create a new cube
  • align it on a triangle baseline (with translate tool)
  • rotate the new cube with 54.736 degrees
  • subtract the cubes

And you are ready.

Here’s a short video explaining the steps.

In the new version, this will be much easier (chained fillet + delete). Max 10 secs.

If you want transforme in two peaces, Maybe, you should to make a copy the object with the lines the you want remove the corner . And You make the instructions of the video of Gabor_Shapr3d .