Cutting an object from the another one

Dear all, I’m a beginner of shapr3d and would like to cut one object from another. I tried subtract with keeping none but it does not ended up as I would like. See attached screenshots

Beforehand I used to do it while I was just dragging or move an object and cut right through another object. But this now it doesn’t work anymore so I tried subtract but that also didn’t work.

This is probably easy for you guys and I already checked all YT videos but couldn’t find an answer. Sorry for this question but thank you in advance for any help!

(sorry as a beginner user in this forum it says I can only add one image)


Pic 3

Hi, @Christin83 welcome to the forum!!
I see what you mean from the attached screenshots. Please can you attach the workspace in Shapr format if that is okay with you?
We will like to further look into the issue and then get back to you as soon as possible.

'Hi Victor please see attached. Do you mean this by workspace?

Hi, @Christin83 thanks for your response. I meant if you could please export the design in Shapr format and then attach the file here. We can then download and further investigate the file.

Aah ok sorry
But I finally managed and it was a matter of how I marked the objects. But still thank you for your time :blush::blush::blush:

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It’s great to know that you found a way around the issue.
You are welcome :slight_smile: