Cut corner on cube

I need to do an operation, that’s similar to cutting the corner of a cube, but can’t see an easy way to do this.

Draw a cube.
Draw a line from corner to corner on top side
On 2 vertical side connected to that and connected to each other, draw lines diagonal too. Meeting in the bottom corner and starting from each end of the line on the top.

You should now a cube with 3 sides cut in half. How do you removed that triangle/cone that formes?

I can’t seem to be able to simply delete it. Not the lines, nor the 3 faces.

I can’t modify the dimension on the corner line, that needs to become zero. I can scale it, it modifies the whole cube top surface, not just the triangle half.

I suppose it can be done with extrude/subtract, but there gotta be a better way? Please help

Hi, something like this?


HI Lars,

Very close. Needed the top to be cut in half, to become a triangle. And the button of the cut to hit the corner.

I managed to do it with a 3 point construction plane and an extrude from that, but it was a bit cumbersome, as I was limited on space. I was modifying a post inside a hole/deep pocket, so tricky make an extrude shape, that wouldn’t cut in the wrong place too. I was hoping it would have been possible to add (lines?) to create an internal surface and then be able to simply delete the tip.

But thanks. It got the job done.


An image/screenshot would be helpful. Difficult to give help without some visual support. :wink:

Is this what you’re trying to do? If not, suggest you do what @LarsG recommended.

YES, exactly!

So there’s a Split Body tool, ha. Have not seen that before. Works wonders in this case.

Thanks Mike.

Yes, Split Body has become my 2nd favorite tool. My favorite is Replace Face :slightly_smiling_face:

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