Creating a default cuboid or spheroid should be a single-step process

When I want a new body I first have to position the camera, then sketch a rectangle in a meaningful position, and then move the camera, and then extrude it. Creating a centred cuboid or spheroid should single-step + click process; the default cube (or whatever) can then be tweaked to the dimensions needed.

I don’t know, seems kind of redundant to me. Seems to be same amount of steps:

Create Cube → Input Dimensions


Input Dimensions → Create Cube

Creating a cube under the status quo has multiple steps, including:

  1. Camera manipulations in preparation for the initial sketch
  2. Selection of the appropriate sketching tool
  3. Creation of a 2D sketch,
  4. Camera manipulation to bring the extrusion handles into view, and
  5. An extrusion

…after which the body is probably manipulated/sized further anyway.

Creation of a new body in the default position could and should be a single step. For example: keypress + ENTER.

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Oh, you’re talking about the Windows version. On IPad it’s pretty quick because of the pen.

I can definitely see the use in a hot key for making certain shapes, great idea!

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MacOS, but yeah.