Request: Default Extrude operation to "New Body" rather than "Union"

Almost every time I extrude something I like to keep it as a separate body before I join it to the rest of the model. Even so, I often forget to switch my extrusion to “New Body” before accepting the change, sometimes more than once in a row! (cognitive issues).

I think it’s many times easier to do a “Union” operation after the fact, compared to a “Split Face” (or undoing and redoing the extrusion), and for that alone feel like default extrusions to “New Body” would be the “safer” or less impactful option of the two.

I don’t know most people’s workflows, perhaps this has impact I’m not considering. I wouldn’t say this is a blocker, but it definitely slows me down, and defaulting to New Body would make Shapr3d ever so slightly more accessible for me!

I saw this related request, but it’s gone unanswered and I don’t know “necro” etiquette on this forum. It does help me feel like I’m not the only one, though :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening!

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Agreed, I tend to want to make separate bodies using the primary as a reference

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That’s a good suggestion. Countless times I have wanted to Extrude as new body, but forgot to tick the option. A default new body would work well for me.

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