Creating a kobber pipe

I need hjelp creating a kobber pipe. I have created the dimensions. But how do i change the materiale type?

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May I clarify, for my purposes, that you are working with Copper [Kobber] Pipe?

Materials as an option is not available within Shapr3d at present. The option currently available in the Pro [paid for] version of S3D is to select a Colour via Tools > Color.
It is understood that Textures are in the development plan.

Do you mean by:

that you have the desired shape for your 3D Body?

If I have misunderstood your question, one of the Team or another Member will be able to help.
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Yes Cobber, my bad :sweat_smile:

Thanks! That helps alot

You are very welcome.
Courtesy of Google, a search for Kobber Pipe returned many results for Copper Pipe.
I am very happy that it returned a useful outcome for you.

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