Stone materials

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To begin I’m a starter at Shapr3D or any cad related programs for that matter!so this might sound a bit stupid or creepy for those who are not familiar with my profession , but well we all have to start somewhere I guess,I’m a stonemason(from the Netherlands),I started to show interest in Shapr3D as I was searching for a program to develop 3D models for my work ,then you should mainly think about tombstones in all kind off shapes and all sorts of accessories regarding this matter ,it all works fantastic and with the Visualization tool you can really bring it to life and I think this will surely help me. to visualise it to my customers Somewhere in the near future !so more stone materials would be nice or a way to add more ,if there is a way to do this please let me know even if it’s not with Shapr3D for I’m determined to realise this!!! this poor fellow … ps sorry for the poor English
Best regards François


Hi @Francois , welcome to the community! Really great to hear that you like Shapr3D. We keep adding more and more materials to Visualization. I’m sure that at some point of time we’ll extend the selection of stone materials as well.


Would also be great if one day we could add our own textures. I am often working with existing buildings and to take a picture of existing materials and use them in a user made texture would be really great.

Early days but really loving the visualisation evolution to Shapr. Keep it going!

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If you are on the iPad check out Cadmio, it has a couple of stone materials. Not sure if it worths the price for you if you would use it only for tombstones but you can try it for free anyways.