Creating a logarithmic shape/curve

I’m designing a logarithmic wing-like shape for a project I’m working on. I’m new to CAD, and would like the logarithmic shape to be mathematically precise.

How would I go about drawing this shape?

You do it exhaustively like I did. Even if there was a method to input equations and get a line to build from it would still be a pain in the ass most programs shit themselves. At least this was my experience when I was modeling the Brachistochrone Curve. I started in Inventor and could not get the damn line to work from the equation. Tbf, I’m not that experienced with that type of thing but I couldn’t not for the life of me figure it out and gave up on that method. I went back to connecting the dots and used Excel to give me the X,Y coordinates for a ton of points along the line and still wasn’t getting it to work since Inventor couldn’t make the line smooth when I was connecting points. It once again just shit itself. I literally got fed up and just found a perfect representation of the curve online that someone wayyyy smarter than me drew and modeled and just traced that with a spline tool until it was perfect.

If you want a perfectly drawn Brachistochrone Curve in this app let me know and I’ll send you the file. I got lucky, it might not be 100% perfect but when I had one side mirror the other it matched at a perfect 180 degree. Plus, most manufacturing methods and material imperfections give you a bunch of leeway.