Curved and smooth lines

Hi everyone,
I recently started to use Shapr3D again and am exercising and would like to create a table that looks like the table in the pictures. I am struggling with the curves below the table.
If anyone has some hints and Tipps, I would be very grateful.

Thank you so much in advance for your help and regards to everyone in the world from Germany :slight_smile:

Here’s one way to do it.


Oh wow!!! This is so great and so helpful. Thank you so so much!
I was just wondering how you sketched it so clean in the first place.
I would do a rectangle, then a circle. And another inner rectangle. Then connect the outer curved line with a straight line to the rectangle.
Would you do it the same way?

Here’s how I sketched it. First the rectangle. Then the circle and made it tangent to the rectangle. I drew the 45° line at the corner of the rectangle to the center of the circle. Then I was able to draw a couple of 90° lines making use of the magenta perpendicular guide lines. This way I didn’t have to make the next 45° line tangent to the circle after initially drawn starting at the circle. Then I did the Mirror and deleted the two initial lines and did a trim. Let me know if any questions.


This is a much better way. Beautiful! Thank you!!