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How to cremet a line from a math, for example e^^x

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Hi @HotDoc it’s currently not supported by the app to generate lines from equations.

You can simply draw the line using the line/Arc tool and using the Spline tool you can draw the curved part of the line equation if it’s okay to have a simple graphical representation.

Could a graphing app capable of vector file output be used to generate the curve and provide it to Shapr3D in a file?

Hi, @TheBum if the graphing app supports DWG and DXF vector formats export, you can import the generated curve into Shapr3d in either of these formats.

It’s a little convoluted, but this is the workflow that worked for me:

  1. Go to, graph the equation, select “Download as…” from the upper right menu, and save as SVG. If you’re doing this on the iPad, you may need to use the Chrome browser as this didn’t work for me in Safari.

  2. Go to your PC or Mac and download/install Inkscape if you don’t already have it. Use the process described here to create a DXF file: One additional step if you want only the curve: before saving, delete the axis and grid lines. I tried several of the online converters but none generated a usable DXF file.

  3. Load the DXF into Shapr3D.

Hopefully, Shapr3D will eventually get SVG import support so that the second step isn’t necessary.

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