Creating organic shape using loft and guide curve


I’ve tried modeling a shrimp’s carapace using the loft tool combined with a guide curve but I keep getting this error message:

“Fault detected in a guide wire”

Any idea what may be wrong?


Hi, Can you please upload the Shapr3D design? I guess the guides may not intersect properly with the cross sections, but checking the model would help a lot.

I´m not allowed to yet, but here´s an image if that helps:

Only just started, but getting problems out of the way quickly helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screenshot! There is another thread with the same content, even dough it was started with the sweep tool :smiley:

When using the guided loft, please make sure to have a closed cross-section at the start and end points of the guide curves. In the other thread, I shared a video that I think could also be helpful for you too.

Thank you! I will have a look :smile: