Curve Degree and curve export question


My name is Lukasz and I’ve been surface modeller for over 10 years. I’ve installed Shapr3D today as I was looking for some on the go solution for designing curves and shapes.

At the moment I have about 2h on the clock with Shapr and I really like it so far but have a few questions to begin with.

-Is there any way of exporting curves to step or iges? (I’ve noticed only solids are exported)

The second question is in regards of curve degree. I’ve made a few different curves and shapes out of them to be able to export to step.
After further study I’ve noticed that 4cp curve gives you degree 3 as expected, 5cp curve gives you 4 degree single span curve, again as expected but 6cp doesn’t output 5 degree single span, only 4 degree 2 span curve. Is degree 4 a top limit of Shapr? Why I’m asking…because I’m used to do most of my work by constructing 6cp 5degree single spans. Are you planning to include degree 5 curves? Also are you planning to include degree selector for splines?

I hope I’ve made myself clear enough :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes, the degree of control point splines is (maximum) 4, and 3 for the point splines. Can I ask what is the advantage of degree 5 curves in your work?

Now we allow curve import from STEP and IGES, if they are saved as wire bodies, but the export is not supported yet. We now that it is an important issue, and we will add curve export capabilities in the future.

Thank you Koko, I’m really looking forward to see curves export implemented.

6cp 5degree curve is a happy medium. You have enough of cps to work with to represent shapes and keep curves single span in the same time. It’s just about keeping curves smoother.
4degree is something I can live with on iPad:) I’m still very impressed that you’ve managed to come up with a tool letting me draw nice curves on the go and more.

Ps. Are you planning to add scale 1D? I really miss it as a transform tool.