Export 3D with a Curve Files

Hello everyone! I am new here. I’ve been using Shapr for two weeks and love it. I use my models for CNC machining. Does anyone know if you can export a 3D model with the curve lines into to use for machining as well? We use curve lines for pierces or profile machining, so it’s helpful to have in the file with it.

Would you expand on the “curvy lines”? I use Shapr3D for 2D and 3D CNC. But I don’t send the files directly to my CNCs. I import the Shapr3D STL, 3MF, or DWG files into CorelDRAW or Aspire as these programs have CAM abilities.

Yeah, for sure. I attached a picture here. If we are machining a trim steel, I typically will attached a curve line embedded into my .stp file for profiles, pierces, trim-lines etc. which my CAD software can read when I make files. So, in the picture, the curve would be the red line for my trim area.

Wow, I’m learning something here. I’m not aware/familiar with this requirement. I’m afraid I can’t help.

Hello @Tuni07,
You can export the 3D geometry as a STEP file, while the sketches as a DXF or DWG file. The two files will share the same coordinate system, so when you import both they will be perfectly aligned.

There is one important detail, please export the sketches with the Sketch Export tool, instead of the Drawing tool.