Splines to DXF to CNC

New to shapr3d not super impressed so far.
I will need to export complex curves made with splines to dxf and sent to CNC or EDM. Before I spend more time with the app, is that going to be possible?

Corel draw splines go to dxf and can be read by the CNC or EDM. Seems to have no issues. I don’t have Corel draw though, that was on my friends Corel draw.

I am trying shaor3d cuz it runs on iPad. All the other iPad apps are much weaker than shape3d.

When I worked with turbocad in around 2009, it’s splines would not translate into something that could open a dxf exported by turbocad. So I had to redraw everything tracing the splines with arcs. Even then the dxf files were problematic. So I’m thinking export to dxf is somehow an iffy endeavor.

How good is shapr3d at exporting to dxf? Is it limited in any way?

Yes you can.
I use the export tool, on the xy planes
Airfoils for laser cut…

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@JST: Nice! Are you an RC airplane modeler?

Free flighter😎 F1a