"Trailing" subtraction while moving a body thru another

I could have sworn that I used this specific feature but it doesn’t appear to be available any longer. Basically, I want to be able to subtract by moving body A thru body B leaving a “trailing” cutout of body A’s projection in it’s move path.

Here is an illustration - I achieved this in 2 steps: subtract the knob from the cube first, create projection of the knob on a construction plane off the cubes side then extrude that projection into the cube… but is/was there an easier way to do this?

Again, I could have sworn it was as simple as moving the knob thru the cube… at some point. :man_shrugging:

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Project the knob to the top face, then extrude the projected silhouette to cut it out from the box.


Will that achieve what he wants? The end of the extruded cut into the cube would be flat instead of taking the profile of the knob?

No. Create the extruded portion in the opposite direction. Then move the knob & extrusion down through the body and do the subtract.

Yeah, I created a drawing plane down in the cube, drew a shape, mirrored it, extruded it up out the cube, then revolved half of the drawing and subtracted from the cube leaving original. No easy way exists ==> Dr. B. Porkins wants to cut one body with another, which would be cool, however nope. It’s going to take some extra steps.

I’d really like to see that though AND extruding to the surface of another body, stopping it at the surface of that body. instead of cutting or going through/intersecting it.

Yes it’s an extra step or two but not that hard.


That works too :upside_down_face:

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