Cylinder coping


I’m attempting to add one cylinder to another cylinder at 90 degrees. After watching several videos I am still uncertain on how to accomplish this. I’ve tried drawing the second cylinder and using the translate options but to no avail. My goal is to have one cylinder coped off another at 90 degrees. Any aid would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure what you mean by coping? Do you want to intersect two identical cylinders at right angles? Extrude a cylinder and rotate its copy 90 degrees.

Result shown on top below…





I would think that there multiple ways to do this; some might be better for the more general case of cylinders with different diameters.

Others may chime in…

Hope this helps.




I appreciate your response but I’m looking to create not a cross section but an “L”


Did you try using sweep tool for this?


Here is an implementation of Zoli’s suggestion. Perhaps this is what you want?


That’s precisely what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s the sweep tool?


Yes Please see upper left corner of bottom screen shot. A 30 second exercise.