Wrap around cylinder pattern

Creating a cylinder and using an extrusion I knew about but needed it to twist around. So I rotated top disc, but it kept the indent straight. So I used the Revolve tool, but this doesn’t indent. Using the Union tool doesn’t work, and can’t seem to get the Intersect tool to work.
Once I have managed to do this, I then need to repeat the pattern around.

Left is using extrude and then rotate top
Right is using revolve tool

any advise or is it not possible with this software

The boolean you should use here is the Subtract tool. Is there a reason you skipped it?

In general, when applying the boolean tools, please always make sure to have a clear intersection instead of just overlapping faces like on the cylinder on the right.
After you have the first tube, you can array it along the perimeter by replacing the pivot point of the Move/Rotate tool. At least for the remaining few weeks until we release the Circular Pattern feature!

I made a short video about one of the possible workflows, I hope you’ll find it helpful:

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Thats perfect, thanks