Slot in a cylinder

I’m struggling with a CAD problem.

I have a cylinder with a horizontal slot and a hole.

I want to have an angled slot from the horizontal slot joining the hole…so as you rotate the cylinder, a pin slides across the horizontal slot and down the angled slot to the single hole.

I attempted a few different ideas but nothing seems to work for me.

You might be able to project a Sketch onto the cylinder that matches the profile you need.

Try to use revolve tool

Hi Project-X,

Is this more or less what you had in mind?


Do you need this type ?

JST: That is exactly what I’m looking for.
I’m not sure how one would do it if the hole was rotated onto the back of the cylinder.

Mike, I was looking for a slot like JST had drawn.
Im not sure what happens if the hole to join was farther around the rear of the cylinder.

Greetings all,
It’s clear that I misunderstood your CAD problem.
JST, good job on providing a solution.

Hi! At first to make construction plane( perp to face at a point) draw the skecth on it then project to the face, after subtract.
Or make the first steps then extrude the plan.
After transport the new body to the cilynder, then substract.

What it will be? It looks like wing wigler part in my hobby?

i want to slide an inner piston as i rotate this piece.

This method works provided the rotation required is small…what if the slot were locate 180* around the cylinder…this method won’t work

Here, I took a different approach now that I understand what you want to do. I revolved a cylinder. Then I revolved what would be a solid slot in 2 pieces- one at 30 deg and the other in the opposite direction at an angle to the cylinder about 100 deg. Next, bring back the cylinder, subtract the slot, size the slot if desired, and then radius the slot accordingly.


that is exactly what i’m trying to do.
could you run thru step 2 and 3…one at 30 deg and the other in the opposite direction at an angle to the cylinder about 100 deg?

the rest makes complete sense…

one more time…

  1. i have a face revolve it 30*
  2. I take the face and revolve it -45* and down 25mm (face is 4.4mmx3mm, if that matters)
  3. Then I subtract those from the cylinder

    My issue must be in step 2 where my revolve has a distorted shape…what am I doing wrong?

Hi there,
I was out all afternoon and just got home. What you did looks correct as far as doing 2 partial revolves going in opposite directions. I believe the problem is with the height parameter of 25mm making the angled slot too steep. Reduce the 25mm to something like 10mm and see what that looks like. I hope that helps. If not, give me more specifics like the cylinder diameter, your desired slot info like angle of rotation at the cylinder and angle around the cylinder which I believe is 45 deg already.

Regards, Mike

I think I have another solution for the steep angle of the slot down the surface of the cylinder. Use the sweep tool. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow.

Forget my previous response about using the sweep tool. Yes, I was able to use sweep similar to revolve but it is not needed here.
project-x: in direct response to you last statement “My issue must be in step 2 where my revolve has a distorted shape…what am I doing wrong?”
The slot really isn’t distorted but made quite narrow due to the steep dimension you gave for the height parameter. Do this: select a surface on the narrow part of the slot and increase opening to your desired spacing.