Decimal places

Is it possible to reduce the amount of decimal places when dimensioning please?
Regards Richard.

Richard, would you expand on how this is a issue? The app displays 4 significant digits to the right of the decimal, but if you’re enter 3.1 for example, the data will only carry forward 3.1, and only displays 3.1 going forward. Tom

Hi Tom
We’re talking the 2D Orthographic drawing facility to allow Tradesman to manufacture the design pieces.
OK I’ve found the drop box e.g. the small “mm” icon top right of the page and in here I can change my dimensions to 0.1 accuracy, which is all the tradesman would wish to see, unless of course they were perhaps precision grinding, in which case they would want 3 or 4 digits after the decimal point. I should be able to use it now, it’s workable. If I need to include a unique tolerance say to hole centres, then I’d have to export the drawing to Autocad where there’s the flexibility to tailor dimensions very easily, e. g manually override a dimension and add a tolerance. I can do a certain amount of tailoring with Shapr but have to do it by adding notes, this isn’t standard practice and tradesmen may take issue with this. However… the app has come on leaps and bounds and I’m really comfortable and impressed.
Thanks and regards Richard.

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Thank you for your explanation.

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