Deleted files error

I am having a similar issue. I created several pumpkin designs with lots of files/objects. I have been creating a lot of folders to organize things. Al of a sudden I lot of my \objects dissappeared. Some of the folders that had parts, sketches etc in them are showing empty. I am looking around to see if these were just mover somewhere else. Or hidden, or anything like that. I have had times working on this same project where the object/file disappeared from a folder and then reappeared again. It could have been after exiting the app and reopening the app I am not sure. But as of this writing, I still have folders that should show files in them but are showing no files.
I have had in the past objects that would disappear from view on the work space. Until I click on reset view. Very frustrating to have an object I am working on suddenly disappear and I don’t know there it went. I am running the latest beta of ios 13.2.

I am adding a couple of pics. One shows the object that should be showing on the grid but did not before. All i was doing was slecting and clicking, and so on to try to see if anything would bring the files back. Or make said files viewable again. I just don’t like how this whole system works when viewing files. I do’t know if some of my files are just being displayed in a different orientation or something. But that would not account for the files that whow deleted in the Layer, Folders.

I’m not sure I understand - but on the first picture, your folder is in hide state (eye crossed out). Tapping on the eye again, will bring your bodies back

Your parent folder is hidden…

Thanks, I think you understand correctly. I see the screenshot I uploaded does show that the object is hidden.
Can you look at the next several screen shots.

1st image you are zooming out to have a single grid to be 50000mm. We have clipping issue there. On the rest of the images you have locked grid size so little it gets crowded and can’t be shown I guess.
Can you first jump to the selected bodies so I can see what the problem is?

Lets look at the first screen shot above. It shows the transform arrows, I just updated to the latest beta release. I just clicked on the pop up option “zoom to”. It should show the object in question. But show nothing. A guess it is clipping as you put it and not showing at said grid size. I really need to be directed to where I can learn more about zooming and how to keep objects from clipping. I wish this was easier, all around.
The second issue I am having is that some of my objects in the folder/layer view seem to disappear. Folders that I thought should show objects show nothing. I am not sure if this is a bug or if I some how deleted them. But others seem to have similar issues.