Depth of Field settings

The new depth of field addition looks fantastic. It’s a huge improvement.
It makes the renders look great.

However, on iPad it is pretty easy to adjust the aperture and blur amount, but not ideal.
You have to go into the Views>Appearance and change it there. It’s not that intuitive IMO.

On Mac it could really use some UI improvements.

Currently, I have to go up to the Main Menu>View>Depth of Field.
Then a window pops up and grays the screen. The window usually blocks the area I’m trying to adjust, and the window is not movable.

Could the Depth of Field adjustment be moved into maybe, the environment settings? Locked at the top of the environment sidebar?

Possibly even better, make it a gizmo that acts similar to the non-uniform scaling gizmo? The gizmo can be moved to the target focus, one slider for Aperture, one for Blur? Maybe even a third slider for Ortho-Perspective(Similar to focal range)?
It could be an all in one appearance gizmo.



We have plans to move the DoF settings to a different place, mostly for the reasons you mentioned. We are likely to get there sometime early next year.


Thanks @Laci_K for the reply.
I’m constantly tweaking the DoF adjustments and views to get the appearance I want and this will help a lot.

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