5.220 - Stunning renders with Depth of Field

  • New: Create stunning images in Visualization with the new depth of field effect. Put your models into focus with just a single tap (iPad) or right-click (macOS/Windows).

Bnjour et merci pour cette mise Ă  jour
Je suis désolé, mais je n’ai pas trouvé la fonction sur mon iPad.


Maybe this article helps, if you scroll down, there is a part about how Depth of field works:

Also make sure you are on the correct version.


hello, I still have not found where is the tool that will allow me to define a depth of field on my display screen. Thanks for your help.

On desktop platforms right click with your mouse, on iPad just tap anywhere on the screen when you are in Visualization.

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I just updated Shapr and can’t figure out how the DOF works either. Tapping with pen or finger (single or double tap) on the background or objects in the scene doesn’t make any changes that I’m aware of.

Single finger tap on the point of the object you want to set the focus point.

Thanks Laci, but I’m not seeing any change, or any options to set aperture settings for adjusting depth of focus.

@Laci_K Same here, but it may have to do with me using iPad OS 16 Beta.

I’m using Visualization more and more (tired of having 3 monitors on 24/7 with my different materials and rendering engines on each plus an iPad Pro). DOF did sorely miss. Eyes way too tired to try it again right now, so I’ll edit my post later. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

While I’m at it -sorry if it’s a little off- and since I don’t think it’s worth starting a thread, I’ll write it here:
I know I’m far from being the only one selecting parts from the items menu, no matter if they’re in folders or not.
Couldn’t we pick material, color, hue, opacity etc. in one go instead of having to select part, select material, apply, re-select, modify, re-apply, rinse, repeat? Just reading the user manual there. I know it’s no more like that, but…

One more thing only for the sake of simplifying: could you finally add a “delete/remove material” button? Reverting to default is not a problem, but it’s not really a good solution over the long haul, especially when there are hundreds of materials (I do use several hundreds of materials very often).
I may just be allergic to everything repetitive :sneezing_face:

Most of what I design in Shapr3D is used in either luthier works or video games. The former is ever changing, the latter reusing the same over and over with extremely small modifications.

Hi Stephen,

Could you zoom in to a part of the model while the rest is in the background and retry?

Hi Zoli. Still the same result.

DoF is off in 2D orthogonal view. The settings can be found in the View / Appearance menu.

@Laci_K I’m almost never using 2D ortho view -almost useless for me- but I’m moving the slider quite a lot between ortho and perspective, DoF or not DoF… to no avail so far.

My 13-cranked AI-powered real-time threat detection blocked the latest update for some reason I still need to investigate. Auto-updating always turned on here, but anything not 100% clean (WindowsOS, Mac OS, iPadOS) remains on hold until I check it out, so it’s not on your side neither on mine. The App Store is far from being clean, and Windows App Store is a total mess.

Is the way of using DoF in Shapr3D a “spot-based” one? Not sure if it makes any sense, but what I’m asking about is if it’s like moving around a focal point like on any photo app then applying DoF.

Geez… DoF really looks like German “doof” :crazy_face:

Are you on 5.220?

Here is a short video, the red dot indicates finger tap:

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@Laci_K ah that’s it!? The same yellow square as on Camera … It’s exactly what I thought. Using default iPad OS development assets is a great idea! Dev question: I think that having the luminosity slider with the square could make things even better. Have you guys thought about it as well? Multiple light intensity and DOF spots… oh well, I’m bringing games rendering engines stuff in. Sorry.

Yep, now on 5.220 and happy!
Some weird thingy tried to go through the “opening” made by the download, but it was caught before doing anything, so it has nothing to do with Shapr3D. Relieved!

Thanks for your video capture. Much needed feature indeed. Switching and swapping rendering engines is a pain. Glad (almost) everything is finally in the same place.

Next step, Webviewer using DOF. Hell yeah!

And after that … Putting together materials and materials colors, perhaps?
Pick a material, pick a color for it, done.
Direct input everywhere.

Of course, material color in Visualization is important and say, red anodized metal doesn’t have to be red out of Visualization as well. Color code and rendering color are totally different, and I’m not a “grumpy color swatch nostalgic”.

Gave DOF a quick try while I swipe-typed. Awesome. Being able to do both simultaneously without any problem is quite a feat ! Very handy sliders, too.

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Hello, I tried all the possibilities to use the depth of field, but none worked. I think I can say that this function is not intuitive at all. If by chance I arrived at a result, I would not know why it worked. While reading the different massages that are sent to you, I noticed that several people were having the same problems as me. I have no doubt that this tool is great, but I think it has a hazardous operation.

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Are you running on the latest version?

@Laci_K Thanks, that worked :slightly_smiling_face: