Design will not open

Hi Shapr3D team,

As I have noticed upon opening the forum many users are experiencing problems open their designs currently. I am using the latest at most powerful iPAD pro available (2021 release).
My design is small in comparison to some other designs I have designed with the app (a little over 200 bodies) Is this an issue with the app or with the the iPAD? I rely heavily open the app for designing models for my business and have put in hundreds of hours into my latest design and am slightly freaking out about it all

We are looking into this.

Bro, it’s a little frustrating considering that it is subscription based app

I know. Top priority. The team is working on it.

Fix is out in the Appstore, availability depends on Apple, but you can probably access it in a few hours at most. Website version is also coming in a few hours.