Design not opening under iPadOS 15

After I upgraded to iPadOS 15 my designs don‘t open anymore.
I use the German language. When Shapr3D has to “tessellieren” it stucks upon opening the design.


We need some details to investigate, please help us out with the following:

Which device (model) you are using?
Could you share the problematic design here or send to (if you have them exported before the problem came)?
Does it happen to all your designs, or a few?
Are you using the latest Shapr3d version?

Thank you!

I managed to open the file. It took about 10 minutes. Before I upgraded my iPad Pro, 12.9’, 3. generation to iPadOS 15 opening the file only took under 1 minute.
It only happens on two almost similar files. I sent the file via email already.

Thank you

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Since yesterday many of my files don’t open anymore . They keep loading without opening. Its really a nightmare. I hope you can imagine the severity of the situation when files with more the 1000 hours of work are inaccessible.

I am using iPad Pro 2021

As far as I can tell the simple files open, the more complex files dont

I am also a beta-tester. Some files I copied to the beta still work there and I am not updated to iOS 15 yet so I dont think it has anything to do with iOS 15 , but with the latest update of Shapr. (Bodies splitting)

I am working this night to get my files started. I Need them tomorow morning. It is a very big frustration to have most of your work inaccessible and I am a bit angry that an update is made without proper testing.
I have been trying to load some files for a maximum of 30 minutes without result.


We are investigating the issue since yesterday, will let you know as soon as we have anything solid / possibly hotfix it.

Please make it a number one priority. This is really a big problem for me and I assume for others too.

It is, rest assured.

Thank you :pray:

Fix is out in the Appstore , availability depends on Apple, but you can probably access it in a few hours at most. Website version is also coming in a few hours.

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I have had a busy few days, but thank you guys for solving the issue. Its much appreciated.

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