Designed in Shapr3d, cut in?

OK, I have encountered an issue.

I’m happily using Shapr3D to design my airplane, and things are going really well. But I now need to cut these pieces on my CNC. And that’s the issue. Shapr3D doesn’t speak CAM. I then thought I’ve check out Carveco Maker+ and Vcarve Pro. But it seems that neither of these (excellent) applications can access STEP files of STL files. Exporting as DXF is a dismal failure with a few scattered lines and that’s all…

[EDIT] Wait, it seems Carveco CAN import STL files (and maybe STEP files alsop). Just signed up for a month to check it out. [END EDIT]

I am definitely not unique in the workflow requirement - so what workflow path do others use? I had a look at Fusion - but I REALLY don’t like Fusion. Besides, I might have missed it - but Fusion also can’t export anything Carveco or Vcarve can import.

My preference is to use Vcarve (with Carveco as a 2nd choice), but can’t get my Shapr3D files into a format which can be used by these applications.

I’m running out of ideas. Help?

Can it use Iges files? That would a “no”.

Fusion works for doing CNC with STEP files but the learning curve is steep because of the large number of parameters it uses for CAM.