Desk almost roll up 😎

This doodle should have taken a day at most … As it turns out, it’s taken much longer … Start, stop, start, stop … anyhoooo I added the final touches today … I’ve gone as far as I’m going to on this one … it’s not complete but most items I doodle are not :joy: There’s nothing complicated with the doodle, it’s straight forward shapes around 300 pieces which could easily be consolidated to reduce that number … As usual, it’s doodling half the object and doing a mirror image which cuts doodling and time in half… :sunglasses:

Programs used: Shapr3d, Affinity Photo and Solidworks

Final image is rendered in Solidworks

As usual, I can’t say enough about Shapr3d being a fantastic tool and top of my list of favorites for doodling 3D objects!!!