Toaster Oven


Just warming up with Shapr3D wink wink … kind of like homework. I think as someone said, preparation meets opportunity or something like that. I like use it or lose it… :crazy_face:


Nice! I appreciate your efforts.


Thank you!!! Yes, the render is in Solidworks … I have found the transition between the two programs outstandingly exquisite!!! The fact that I can now doodle with the iPad thanks to Shapr3D is beyond my expectations for unlimited doodling.

I started doodling my concept man cave sometime ago in solidworks and add to it periodically. I’ll attach a pic where I’m currently at with it. It’s getting to be a bit large. I’ll now doodle the pieces in Shapr3D and transfer the files to Solidworks to add to the file.

All in FUN!!!