Toaster Oven

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Just warming up with Shapr3D wink wink … kind of like homework. I think as someone said, preparation meets opportunity or something like that. I like use it or lose it… :crazy_face:


Nice! I appreciate your efforts.

Thank you!!! Yes, the render is in Solidworks … I have found the transition between the two programs outstandingly exquisite!!! The fact that I can now doodle with the iPad thanks to Shapr3D is beyond my expectations for unlimited doodling.

I started doodling my concept man cave sometime ago in solidworks and add to it periodically. I’ll attach a pic where I’m currently at with it. It’s getting to be a bit large. I’ll now doodle the pieces in Shapr3D and transfer the files to Solidworks to add to the file.

All in FUN!!!

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That’s awesome! I like the looks you chose! Also, what did you use to make the final pic? Blender? -UnluckyKitty

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Hello UnluckyKitty,

Thank You very much!!!

I used solidworks for the render. It’s a basic render setting accomplished with one click of the mouse.

I’m at the very early stages of the program Blender modeling basic shapes. I’m familiar with the nodes and modules and such for rendering in Blender. Some crazy impressive stuff!!!

Thank you again!!!