Diamond models for jewelry design


I’m learning to design jewelry and I need some tips on how/where to get the 3d model of diamonds in different shapes and sizes.

Does Shapr3D have diamond model library that I can import/download?

Can you suggest some links to buy the diamond models compatible with Shapr3D?

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.



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Hi Duc, you can check here: https://grabcad.com/library?utf8=✓&query=diamond for downladable samples.
We do not have a diamond model library but here’s a ring design tutorial using the app. This can help give you a background insight on how to design the basic diamond shape:

Thank for the link to diamond models. I did find a diamond *.stp file that I was able to import. However, one of the things I like to do for myself in evaluating a tool is to see how easy it is to build a diamond model from scratch. I’m find that with Shapr3D that I do not have x, y and z control of given endpoints to easily create facets on different planes. Shapr3D is a very cool tool, so I have to believe its doable to create a 3D model of a diamond with 57 facets.

I would appreciate any pointers, I’ve yet to find any demos on YouTube for creating such a model.


There was a topic not long ago where one of our users was looking for a method to create bodies defined by flat surfaces. Please take a look at this thread, that could be a way to start the diamond

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KPeter, thank you for the video suggestion, this approach was one that I had explored using construction planes, but without the projections…I’ll definitely give it a try.

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