Dimensions at drawing stage

Following on from my last post I’d like to mention dimensions. It would be really great if I could simply use a dim tool to check the distance either of an object of between two objects etc. To confirm if they are correct. Not to leave the dim in place as I realise this is at the point of transferring in to 2d plans. But, as a check. Or will the drawing feature provide this once I’ve committed to the full version?

You can select any two lines, surfaces, etc., and the distance between them are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Do you mean something different?

Hi, yes but I think a better system would be to be able to simply drop a dim on the screen. See image. I suppose I’m so used to AutoCad then it’s possibly unfair to compare them. I do think being able to do an array or multiple copy at a set distance for say a lot of holes in a row would save so much time. Saving time saves money!
If I’m drilling a panel with several part or full holes then It’s going to take a while first to make sure they are all the same an correct distance apart.
I appreciate this is two subject matters in one as they are related.

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