Dimensions while sketching

I searched around a little and couldn’t find this answer.
I probably missed it…lots on dimensions…

I would like to know if its possible to display
all or some dimensions while sketching.
In my drawing, if it displays below, I could not find a way
to display the distance, or location, of my circle.

And when you tap a line, it shows the dimension,
until you sellect something else.

And I could not find a way to show how far a thing
is from the origin. Except the agony of drawing
a line beside it.

Of course, I’d like to display all, for a print out or
screen shot.

this is for the video 3D modeling a rod clevis
btw, I’m still very excited about this app,
and I’m trying to gain some better proficiency,
any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated

Agree! 2D dimensions would be great! For my case, initial jobsite visits, can sketch johnny on the spot, not all visits need extruded sketch etc.

I agree with you, its trouble some. I ask for a tape measure tool that you could layout guidelines that you could snap to while drawing, but I got no traction.Feature request - tape measure with guides

What I do that helps me is to draw a line or rectangle that I can use as a guild that I can snap to while I draw. I hope that helps. Also I count grid square as way to dimension while drawing. On my Mac the grid size is in the upper right hand corner.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

      • ditto on the guidelines…
        I’m switching my stuff from sketchup
        and of course, sketchup 2020, my version,
        the last version you could own, will not
        export to step, or anything useful.

It would be so great for me, and the
shapr3d b-line, to attract the sketchup people

I find shapr3d so much nicer for 3d printing.
And everything.

I just discovered that locking the corner
connections prevents everything from jumping
around. -duh

I wish

  • there was a lock all connections way/preference
  • import .skp
  • guidline feature, all on/off
  • shapr3d to gcode would be wow!

But I absolutely love shapr3d compared to
tubocad, sketchup, and everthing else.
I like sketchup, still, though.