Dividing circle into 7 equal parts

Dear, shapr3d gurus, I recently got stuck on the problem with dividing circle into 7 equal parts. All methods I tried gives me same results - pieces not equal or end points not met. I’m suspecting issue in app decimal calculations - won’t count anything pass 5th digit after “0.” What’s your thoughts, experience maybe? iPad Pro 2020 12.9” all latest updates

Hi @AZotG7, welcome!

Maybe this will work for you. Draw a polygon with 7 sides inside of the circle. With the polygon tool you can specify how many sides you want.

Connect the polygon points to center, then trim the remaining lines.

Hope this helps. :+1:t2:


Oh I see what I missed… there’s small bar at the bottom of drawn polygon “6 sides” - just change to 7 and there’s perfect heptagon. Thank you! But, still wondering why geometric and algebraic methods of dividing aren’t working in this system…

They should, but it’s hard to tell what was the issue without seeing all the steps you did. But overall Shapr3D’s sketching system was designed to be constraints based, which is an incredibly powerful tool to create accurate sketches without the need to do any algebraic or geometric tricks.