Dividing a shape equally

Hi folks,

Does anyone know how to equal divide a shape in a sketch?

So I have square shape and want to equally divide it along one line into several pieces (new points or lines perpendicular to the first line). Can this be done?



Use the Pattern tool. Afterwards, you may want to delete the Pattern Constraint if you need to do stuff with the lines.

How about showing him what we used to have to do before the pattern tool. That’s still valid too. :laughing: Using line tool and constraints.

It’s so simple when you say it haha - Thanks.

I honestly don’t remember how it was done as I never had to do that. If I recall, @Peter_Gy or one of the other staff at Shapr3D showed an excellent example. It was a few years ago…

three line segments between + perpendicular and then use the equal constraint IIRC.

Ahhh, yes! Now I remember. Thanks for helping me wake up a few neurons :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tips. Is there anyway to preview what would happen if you chose a certain number of lines. I’m guessing at the moment that I need 6. Not being good at calculating, being able to visually see if I should choose 5, 6, 7, or 8 lines would be great news.

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Thanks TigerMike,

I’m used to another system showing a preview before I commit a number. I can adjust the number and it shows the location before I commit, seems much like guesswork with the Shapr3D method.

Being able to crank the number up rather than try a number is more productive.

Should I put in a request?