Don't know how to do this one?

Hi Community, I’m hoping somebody can point me in the right direction to achieve (what I thought) would be a relatively simple drawing. Any pointers would be appreciated! I can draw the shape easily, I can draw the top view, but combining them is where I’m lost.

Hi Beeker,

here is a way to do it. Circular pattern at work :grinning:

shape.shapr (1.9 MB)



Nice work Pec. Well done :+1:

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OMG! That’s awesome Pec. Use of the pattern tool was new to me and I wouldn’t have thought of the chamfer tool for that.

Thank you very much

Pec’s solution there just goes to show how versatile Shapr is. Sometimes if we just stop and think about an issue with a project for a minute, a solution is there.